Environment Policy

In pursuit of our mission ‘to be recognised as a major supplier of pipeline products in various national and international markets’ Allied International UK Ltd exploits technologies which are basically friendly to the environment.

We recognise however that in our day-to-day operations we inevitably impact on the environment in a number of ways and we wish to minimise the potentially harmful effects of such activity wherever and whenever possible.

As part of our continuing drive for quality in all things we do, we develop policy aspects which enable us to sustain and improve environmental conditions and monitor progress on a regular basis as appropriate against national and international, and customer required best practice and regulations.

We aim to protect the health and safety of our own personnel and as impacts on our customer’s market position whilst contributing to the future well being of the environment. We have undertaken to help every member of staff to understand and implement the relevant aspects of this policy in their day-to-day work through the regular communication of objectives, action plans, and other appropriate policies.

The Managing Director of Allied International UK Ltd has ultimate responsibility for the Company’s environmental policy and performance.

Our Commitment

Allied International UK Ltd is committed to prevention of pollution and minimising the impact of our operations on the environment the impact by means of a programme of continuous awareness.

In particular the Company strives to:

  • meet, and where appropriate exceed, all relevant legislative and other requirements. Where no regulations exist we set our own standards
  • reduce consumption of materials in our operations; re-use rather than dispose where possible; promote re-cycling and the use of re-cycled materials
  • design energy efficiency into services, buildings and products, and manage responsibly in the undertaking of all operations
  • reduce wherever practical the level of any harmful emissions

This is achieved through reviews of energy and fuel, waste, plant diesel consumption, and carbon footprint assessment criteria such as methodology, organizational and operational boundaries, and greenhouse gases overview, with a view to reducing under short, medium and long term targets.  

When requested, the Company can provide major support to customers for example, to ensure that by working together, product shipping weights and volumes are fully assessed to maximize regular shipping and back loading, to reduce the impact of running ‘empty’ vehicles.  

When requested, all waste is dealt with at source, ensuring that on receipt, customers have virtually no waste disposal, therefore impacting on their own environmental policies.  

The Company is registered with Achilles Information Limited in respect of UVDB Verify, which requires an annual assessment of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Practices, resulting in the award of a formal Certificate of Assessment, available on request.


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