At Allied International UK Ltd (Allied UK) we have an extensive machine shop and understand that flexibility and speed is critical to cost-effective production.

Our investment in our people and our commitment to ensure that we utilise the most advanced CNC technology, enables us to provide a quick and cost-effective service. This allows us to meet the demanding specifications and schedules required by our customers.

Allied UK also benefits from a wide range of conventional machinery which complements our CNC machining section, where the expertise of our lathe operators takes over to produce products when a CNC is not practical.

Where products are just too large for machining by lathe, our horizontal and vertical borers come into their own and allow us to machine up to 1600mm (64”) diameter.

With an ever-growing demand from our customers for cut to size pieces of large diameter pipe, our continued investment in machine tools allows us to cold cut up to 620mm diameter (24”) on our Diva semi-automatic bandsaw. For batches of small diameter pipe, up to 250mm diameter (10”), the fully automatic Amada is utilised. Full cutting facilities are available at all Allied UK locations.

No machine shop is complete without the ability to drill. At Allied UK we have the capacity to be able to drill up 4″ diameter. We regularly drill and tap to our client’s requirements in NPT, BSPT & BSPP or custom threads as required.